Godzilla Official Trailer #1 and Impressions

My thoughts:
Movies based on existing franchises are always living in the shadow of that franchise. Unfortunately, this movie is living in the shadow of another movie as well: the original American adaptation, 1998’s Godzilla. Some may look at another attempt by the same people who brought us that abomination as hubris…or as further proof that Hollywood doesn’t give a shit about you or the properties it butchers. To those people i say, calm down, and watch the trailer.
To say that this looks like it will be better than 1998’s Godzilla should be obvious, but this trailer put the film in 3rd place of movies i am most excited for this year, and that is something i never would have happened as i’ve never been that big a fan of Godzilla.
So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.


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