So, yeah, as the title may have tipped you off to, i’m planning on making some changes to how i run this. The biggest change is that i’m going from a 10 point scale to a 5 point scale. This is basically to help stream line my thought process. So, the ratting basically goes like this:

1) No Redeeming Value. The story makes no since, the game play is broken to the point of unplayable…so on and so on. Now, i am one of those who put context before almost everything (or at lest i try too). So games like Silent hill 2, which used unpolished game play to reinforce the idea of weakness, wouldn’t get a lower score for the unpolished game play.

2) Good idea’s, but overall flawed. Personally, GTA 5’s story fits here perfectly. So much could have been done with the set up but then it kind of just feel flat.

3) Adequate. No major flaws, but nothing really special.

4) Great, but one or two flaws hold it back.

5) Simply perfect. The Story and Game play fit together perfectly. the pacing, the controls

The Second big change is that i’m going to try to start doing video reviews instead of written, and start doing another written column…thing. so, yeah…that’s the big changes.




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