Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
There is no game play here, or at lest not enough to really give you a feel for how the game will play, so overall this trailer is pointless. And really, all “Call of Duty” trailers are pointless. We know the games coming, we know it’ll drop around November, and we all know that the general gaming populous will eat it up. I wouldn’t be talking about it if that was all if that was all i had to say however.
Now, i haven’t cared for The “Call of Duty” franchise since Modern Warfare 2, when it became clear that the over saturation of WW 2 games we had in the days of the PS2 was being replaced with an over saturation of “Modern Warfare” games. I wouldn’t mind the genre, but almost every game feels exactly the same. in fact, i watched a youtube video that played cut scenes from two different Call of Duty games, side by side, and in everything but skins, they were the same. I’m expecting more of the same here. However, the times are a-changin’ and Call of Duty is no longer the the multilayer hotspot it once was. Yes, there is a lot here that makes me think that Titanfall had more to do with this on a conceptual level that any other Call of Duty game, and that may re-energize the franchise. This may have forced The creative team to change up the formula or become out dated. In fact, this time Development dutys have gone to Sledgehammer Games, instead of either Infinity Ward or or Treyarch, who had created every Call of Duty game from Modern Warfare until now.
Another thing i noticed was the satire of America, witch gives me some hopes. These have almost always played to the wetdreams of the Xenophobic American right wing, and if this takes any steps away from that nonsense, well, it automatically gains a few points in my book.
In the end, i have High Hopes but low, bordering on nonexistent, expectations.

In the end, i have High Hopes, but almost no expectations.


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