Gotham Trailer and Impression

My Thoughts:
I not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed. When i was first hearing about this show, it sounded like it was going to be “Batman without Batman”, and that kind of intrigued me. I was under the impression that the show would deal with the Gotham P.D. while Batman was running off doing his thing; kind of like showing what it’s like to be the little people when they’re caught between a battle of Gods. What this looks like is more “Batboy and friends”. Part of that is due to the “before…”whoever bit. Characters like Cat woman and Poison Ivy just should not be here. The Penguin? Sure. He’s just a dude, i can handle the G.P.D. going against him. But really, baby Cat woman just annoyed me.
However, at lest they are taking this in a somewhat interesting direction with this happening right after the murder of Bruce’s parents and the immediate aftermath. However, as i said, the focus on Bruce Wayne just puts me off. It may still be worth watching (this is, after all, the first i’ve seen of it), but for now, color me unimpressed.


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