What i want in “The Last of Us 2”

What you see before you is art work done by freelance artist Marek Okon, who did most (if not all, i’m not quite sure) of the concept art for “The Last of Us”. This piece was recently shown, leading many to think that it is concept art for a second game; but with a PS4 re-release and developer Naughty Dog soon to publish a book of concept art (i’m not sure if this is only for the “The Last of Us”, or of all their games), no one knows for sure. But, if a second game is coming, here is what i want too see. If you haven’t played the game, be warned, there will be spoilers.
1: I want Ellie to be the Main Protagonist.
In one section of the game (Winter) and the “Left Behind” DLC, we got to play as Ellie a little bit. In “Winter” we switched back and forth between her and Joel, witch was fine, but in a new game i want to play as Ellie. if there is a section like “Winter”, were we play as another character, that’s fine, but i want to spend most of the game in here shoes.
2: A Better Story.
If you read my review, you know that i love the story telling, but found the story itself to be paper thin. And for the first game, that worked out fine. However, with the the way the game ended, with Joel saving Ellie’s life instead of sacrificing her so that the Fireflys could find a cure for the infection, there are a lot of places a future story could go.
3: More moral complexity.
The first game had people who were in your way, and people who weren’t. In the end, no one was really “evil” not even the crazed cannibal cult. Everyone was just looking to survive however they could. This needs to be a staple of this franchise. Don’t dumb things down to sell more copy’s, don’t be scared of losing fans for not showing “the hero’s” as immoral or “the bad guys” as likeable humans, people are much more than “good or bad” life is lived in a grey area, and i hope that we see more of that in the second game.
4: Don’t “hard boil” the franchise.
Too many games now, even those who’s past installments were “m-rated”, have gone to extremes to hard boil the newest installment (I’m looking at you “Max Payne 3” and all you nihilistic “look how much i drink and hate myself” glory). Don’t do that here. Part of what made “The Last of Us” feel so mature is that while it never sugar coated it’s own darkness and brutality, it also remembered to smile.
5: More diversity.
Half or so of the main cast was not strait white men. That is something i don’t think any other game, ever, can say for itself. Better yet, everyone felt human, and not like caricatures. I want to see more of that.
6: At lest one line about the rest of the world.
Everyone says this, but it’s true: in dystopian story set in America, why does no one talk about the rest of the world. Like, is England just sitting down to a cup of tea saying “Hummm….should we help the American’s with this “infection” they’re having such and issue with?” “No, they call us socialist and refuse any help” Honestly, give me something, even if it’s just a throwaway line, about the state of the world.
7: More verity in Infected.
In one of the pics i saw for the PS4 re-release there was something that looked like in Infected rhino. That would be awesome. But yeah, even though i was never really bothered by the verity of Infected throughout the game, some more enemy types wouldn’t hurt.

So, that it for me. What about you? What do you want to see in the next game (if there is one)? A different cast altogether? A New location (maybe having Joel and Ellie in another part of the world)? Leave a comment and let me know.


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