A Million Ways to Die in the West Trailer and Impression

My Thoughts:
I’ve always liked “Family Guy”, but after being introduced to “American Dad” my fondness for the show lessened considerably, as it became obvious that Seth Macfarlane could do so much better. Now with “Ted” and this trailer for “A Million Ways to Die in the West”, i fear my love for “American Dad” might meet the same fate.
I think a lot of my the trailer was so funny to me was that it reviles in it’s own absurdity. People die at an old west fair, every year, and no one questions it. More importantly, the movie doesn’t seem to question it. That kind of comedy was always my favorite part of Macfarlane’s work, but it was almost always ham-stringed by the fact that his T.V. shows have tried to have a political edge too them. Even though i often agree with his left wing ideas, i can honestly say that he didn’t always blend the absurdism and earnestness together all that great, Getting rid of the politics (witch it seems like he is going to do) seems like it will give Macfarlane more room to play up the comedy.
However, i’m not sure how i feel about Macfarlane casting himself in the lead role. I know he can act to some degree (he did do most of the voices in Family guy, if i remember correctly. i’m not too sure about his othere cartoon works), but it always bothers me when the writer/director cast themselves in big roles (“Lady in the Water” comes to mind here). He doesn’t seem bad here, but like i said, it just bothers me.


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