alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day trailer and impressions

My thoughts:
When the trailer started i thought this was going to be a cute but unsubstantial kids movie. But then something happens, something that truly got me excited for this. when the uplifting “you have to take the good with the bad” messages happens, the family decides to stick it out but their day doesn’t get any easier. I really liked that message, the idea that thing’s aren’t going to be ease, but life is worth the effort.
Lets face it, we live in hard times. I’m sure there are plenty of children who were, at one point, living pretty happy lives until their parents got fired or laid off or injured or whatever else. In fact, i was living with some friends of mine and thier kids when exactly that happened. There were three adults, none of witch were working, and three children. That time period was just as hard on the kids as it was the three of us. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have faced something like this before.
Aiming this kind of message at kids is probably one of the best movies the creative team could have made in my book.
It also seems like the best way to adapt the short children’s book into a full length movie.
Well, what do you think? leave a comment and let me know.


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