Annie Trailer #3 and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Before anyone starts bitching about Annie being black here, let me say this up front: It’s 2014. You need to get over the fact that black people…well, exist…and that means they are entitled to the same media representation as you no undoubtedly have had your entire life. With that out of the way, here are my thoughts.
There is a lot here i want to like. A lot of the jokes work well (especially the lines about Jamie Foxx’s Benjamin Stacks being batman), and most of the cast seem like they are taking their roles semi seriously. So why can’t i say i’m excited? Quvenzhané Wallis. I haven’t seen any of here previous work, so i don’t know if she is a good actor or not, but i do know this, 99% of child actor are awful. Having a child actor be one of the main cast is always a warning sign for me. This comes in to play in the trailer a bit, as a few of her lines are to “cutie” for there own good (like the “my hair is gigantic” and the ” i wouldn’t bank on the hair, sister” lines), but that may be more of a failure on the script writer(s) part than on hers, but she does nothing to elevate the lines. So yeah, color me cautiously optimistic. I want the movie to be good and i see a lot of hope for it, but i can also see it going terribly ,terribly wrong.


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