The Giver trailer #2 and Impressions

My thoughts:
You know what movie was super awesome but never seemed to get it’s due? “Equilibrium”. It was about a society that tried to create a utopia by making its citizens take shots that suppressed their emotions but then this one guys stops and awesomeness ensues. You may have noticed that that sounds an awful lot like this here trailer for “The Giver”. Now, i know the book was published in 1993 and “Equilibrium” didn’t come out until 2002, but as far as the movies go, i can tell you this probably wont hold up as well. Why? Well, “Equilibrium” has two things this movie doesn’t: Gun-fu and Christian Bale. But one of the actors here is Cameron Monaghan, the guy who plays Ian from Showtimes “Shameless”, so that’s something


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