Batman: Arkham Knight E3 game play demo and Impressions

My thoughts:
Once again, this will most likely not look as good when it comes out. With that out of the way…
I’m kind of mixed on this to be honest. I love the fact that you have all of Gotham to play in now, and i love the fact that you can drive the batmobile, but there seems to have been some changes that i’m not quite sure how i feel about them. For instance, when you see batman take out those first three thugs, there seems to be a bit of a “mark and execute” thing going on. While, yes, bat man probably could take them down pretty fast, i’m not sure that’s the right way to go. I like to play my games, i’m not so into watching my games play themselves. You see this gain when he goes into the air duct. He just slides in and you only control Batman for a short time. This could just be that this is from early in the game, i don’t know, but i’m hoping they stick a little bit closer to what made Arkham Asylum and City so good. But i’m glad Oracle is back. It’s always great to see some bad ass ladys of comics getting their due. Maybe we can even see some more Robina and Batwoman…maybe. Here’s to hoping.
My only other grip is with the new costume. I’m just not sure how i feel about the whole Ironman/batman thing going on her. I love both characters, but that doesn’t mean i want them to be identical. But maybe IronBat here will impress me more later, who knows. But does this mean that the suit wont take damage like it did before, because that was awesome to see. It really made you feel like the time you spent as Batman was having an effect on him.
The batmobile also has me wondering. i’ve heard that you’ll be able to drive it any where, but what about the guns? are those going to only be useable at certain spots, or will you be able to use them freely? And if so, how will you stop people from gunning down everyone they see and turning this into, “GTA: Gotham City”?
Anyway, what do you think? are you looking forward ti this? Tell me why or why not in the comment section.


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