Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare E3 Game Play Demo and Impressions

My Thoughts:
There is so much i want to like here, but the i remember that it’s an E3 demo for a “Call of Duty” game and my expectations are shattered all over again. Lets get the big one out of the way right now: there is a 90% chance that the game will look nowhere near this good when it comes out. Yes, it is odd that this is almost a certainty yet developers still try to trick us into being “wowed” by the graphics, but it is what it is. Other than that though, it almost seems like the guys at Sledgehammer Games were pecking around in my mind and tried to create a “Call of Duty” game just for me. Power armor? Mechs? Metal Gear Solid like spider tanks? Fuck yeah man, give it too me. Even the guns and grenades have a nice sci-fi look too them. I mean, did you see the way you change grande types? that was cool as hell. The power suits/armor also seem really cool. when i first saw it in the first trailer i thought it would only be useful at the exact spot the game wanted you to use it, but it does seem like there is some freedom. But freedom has always been the big issue with “Call of duty”, hasn’t it. you go where they want you to go, do whatever the guy yelling in your ear says, then watch whatever the game wants you to watch as it blows up, then your done. The only difference here is that there seems to be less yelling. Like the bit with the car door, and how you use it as a shield; will you be able to do that with any door, or just the right door at the right time? my guess is the later.
I’m going to say something i never thought i’d say about a “Call of Duty” game, but i really want this to be good. As in, i am actively rooting for this to be good. But i have almost no faith in the idea that it will be. So, what do you think? are you excited for this game? why or why not? leave a comment and let me know.


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