Heatstroke Traile #1 and Impressions

My thoughts:
Two things stood out to me when i first started watching this trailer: all entirely white cast, and Africa. I was kind of expecting this to be another “white savior” movie. You know the ones, those movies where a white protagonist helps better the lives of impoverished (usually black) youths. Those movies that look at minority and say: “don’t worry kid, soon one of us great white people will come and save you!” Once i finished the trailer, it appeared to me that this may not be one of those movies, and thank god for that. Even better is that that plot point isn’t the only change up the movie is trowing at us.
Again, upon my first viewing i thought i knew where this was going: they run into the poachers, the wife/step-mom gets killed and it’s up to Mr. White Man, all powerful being!, to save himself and his daughter. Well, i was almost right. Instead, it’s the woman and her step-daughter that have to find a way to survive. Sure, this shouldn’t be a big deal, but how often do you see women in a role like this? This isn’t like “The Hunger Games” or any of the flood of “young adult” fiction that has been coming out, as all of the women in those have something that makes the special: these are just two women, plan and average, who are caught up in a shit storm.
The big draw here is clearly Maisie Williams (best known as “Arya” from HBO’s “Game of Thrones”). Not only is she one of the best parts of “Game of Thrones”, she’s really one of the only young actors i could ever stand. Normally just knowing a child actor is going to be one of the main starts for a movie instantly makes me not want to see it. But because that actor is Ms. Williams here, well, now i’m getting genuinely excited for this.


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