Dracula Untold Tailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
This is the first trailer i have been able to see for this movie. Before now it had seemed like the studio behind the movie was trying to hide it. Now that i’ve gotten my first look, i can see why. This just does not look very good. This looks like all the worst parts of the “young adult” trend mixed with sub-par horror are action and a generous dusting of generic fantasy. This is also director Gary Shore’s first full length feature. This means that all of my bases of opinion for this movie comes from this one trailer, and things really just are not looking good.
I also can’t think of a good reason for this to me made. Who wanted a movie about the origin of Dracula? We know everything we need to know about him: He’s a bad ass vampire. A few decades of pop couture has taught us all that. Why not just make a movie based on that? All in all, this is one vampire movie that should keep to the shadows.


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