Lessons Learned Trailer and Impressions

My thoughts:

I, like a lot of my fellow geeks, have a great amount of respect of the late Jim Henson. I grew up on “Sesame Street” and even today i still hold practical effects above CGI. However, respect is about as far as i can say my affection for Mr. Henson goes. The fact is, i really didn’t care for “Labyrinth” and i disliked “The Dark Crystal” so much i couldn’t even finish it. I can’t say either film is bad, but i never truly understood the appeal and their pop culture longevity. But this isn’t about Mr. Henson, this is about his daughter, Heather Henson.

This isn’t a full film, only a short, and i wouldn’t have bothered to talk about it if not for the connection to Mr. Henson, but here we are. So far i like the idea and the tone of the trailer. While watching it, the tone made me think of “Mirrormask”, a film written by Neil Gaiman (my geek god) and directed by Dave Mckean. And frankly, anything that reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s work gets some points in my book. When you add that to the interesting idea of a box full of the tings you learn growing up, i can see this being an interesting little film. But what sold me was the line “Some good, some…unfortunate”. Not “bad”,  “unfortunate”. I think that could make for a really interesting more to the movie. There are no bad lessons, only those it hurts to learn. So, yeah, color me interested.


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