Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

Ridley Scott may not be the greatest director to have ever lived, but when the man who gave us both “Alien” and “Blade Runner” starts on a new project, i’m going to pay attention. When that project is a big budget Hollywood retelling of a biblical story, much like this years “Noah”, now i couldn’t stop myself even if i wanted too.

But “Noah” worked because it wasn’t just a retelling. For those of you who haven’t seen it (you should change that, as soon as possible), “Noah” had more in common with the works of Token that with the bible. With Exodus here, i’m not seeing much i haven’t seen when it come to this story. In fact, 1998’s “The Prince of Egypt” already told the story of Moses in a satisfactory way (and without the potential whitewashing controversy). Even though this story has more of the fantastical in it’s DNA, i am kind of hoping the do go for the same overall feel and tone as Darren Aronofsky did with “Noah”. And if they are, i feel it’s kind of a shame to not market the movie that way.


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