Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer and Impreesions

My Thoughts:

If you use the website tumblr you may have seen a text post saying something to the effect of “does my faith in Peter Capaldi outweigh my hate for Steven Moffat”. That was very much on my mind as i watched this. Even ignoring the allegations of sexism in his works, i cant say that i have enjoyed much of the show ever scene he has taken over as show runner. For the most part, his run has mostly just been, well, boring in my opinion. It doesn’t help matters at all that Matt Smith was my least favorite doctor. Adding more salt to the wound is the fact that both Amy Pond and Clara Oswald are just awful companions. Even at there best they were never as fun as Rose, Martha or Donna.

The fact is if i wasn’t such a huge fan, i probably wont bother watching this. Even as a fan, my main interest is in finding out if  Peter Capaldi can rise above Moffat’s mediocrity. And to be fare, it does seem like the show is trying to make up to me for it’s shortcomings the last few seasons. with lines like “I’ve made many mistakes. It’s about time i did something about that” and “Am i a good man?” “I…don’t know”, this is really hits a storytelling sweet spot for me. I love redemption stories.

Honestly, this season of “Doctor Who” is giving me the same mixed feelings as the new “Call of Duty” Game. They’re both hitting just enough of the right places for me to get me interested, but they have both betrayed my trust too much too recently. I know i’m going to end up watching the show anyway, but i can’t say i’d blame anyone for wanting to skip it.


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