Big Hero Six Offical Trailer #1 and Impressions

My thoughts:

Whoever thought it was a good idea to play a “Fall Out Boy” song during the trailer needs to get kicked in the balls repeatedly as to insure that he will never, ever, reproduce and give way to another generation that think giving “Fall Out Boy” more attention is a good idea. Other than that blatant misstep, this trailer was really good.

I mean that honestly, other that the poor choice of music everything here just works. the highlights for me where The cop at the beginning (you really have to feel bad for the cops in superhero comics, and that guy is why), and the “low battery” stoner like balloon robot.

I said in my review of the last trailer/teaser that i was hoping for some real info about the movie with the next trailer (i.e., this one). And boy did it deliver. This trailer definitely made me want to see more of the movie and i’m expecting great things.


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