Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Red Band Trailer and Impressions

I was not expecting to like this trailer. I was expecting to hate this trailer and the movie just as much and in the same way as i did “The Hangover 2”. But i’ll be damned if this didn’t work for me. The only joke that really feel flat for me was when Rob Corrddiry (Lue) see’s “Wink’s Hot Girl”(Angela Kerecz) ,and yes, that is actually what her character is called on IMDB, and keeps going “BOOBS!”. That a little childish to me, especially when you remmber how weel off the character was doing at the end of the last movie. The guy would have seen many great tits between then and this movie, so i feel that joke was unneeded. But everything else had me on laughing out loud each time i watched this. I can’t waint to see where they end up going with this.


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