Tusk Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

I can’t say if i find Kevin Smith to be a good film maker or not, but i can say i find him interesting. I haven’t seen all his films, and i’m not rushing out to find a copy of the ones i’ve missed, but from what i’ve seen i’d prefer to watch the worst of his films (and from what i’ve seen, i’d say that would be his last film “Red State”) than the best of some one like Michael Bay. Because Smith is at least bad in an interesting way.

As for the trailer itself, it had a few good laughs. Especially that last line: “I don’t want to die in Canada” played over the creepy music that typically ends horror movies. That really conveyed the tone well, and continually make me chuckle. The rest of the trailer though feel like it is a funny version of “The Human Centipede” (or so i felt) witch would have been great…if this was released back in 2009 when “The Human Centipede” was still relevant.
I don’t know what to think about this. Smith really hasn’t been consistent enough, even in the films i’ve seen, to give me any real ground to stand on. I’m hoping for the best but…i can see just how easily this could be for Smith to screw up.






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