Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Story trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
So far, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” remind me a lot of “Grease”. Mostly that last stretch at the end where Sandy changes everything about herself to make Danny want her more. And being the “Danny” In this scenario, i can’t say i dislike the changes. Ever since “Modern Warfare” the “Call of Duty” franchise has played to the sensibilities of uber right wing militant fascist and that has always bothered me. From the looks of things it also seemed to bother someone over at Sledgehammer Games.
To start off, the games plot is kick started by a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant that brings the governments of nearly the entire planet down. Something that could be avoided by…i dunno…replacing dangerous nuclear plants with solar or wind plants. Then, a PMC group gains so much power that their decent into evil seems all but inevitable. Golly, it’s almost like it’s wrong to make a profit off of war. Who Knew? And to top it all off, the most capable person you see in this trailer is a bad ass female soldier who no one would dare say “make me a sandwich” too. Guys…i hate to say it but….i’m kind of looking forward to this…even if it still sucks, at least it’ll suck in an interesting way.


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