Horns Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Director Alexandre Aja has made some interesting films, but i can’t really say he’s made any good ones. For example: 2010’s “Piranha 3D”. A fun, shameless sleaze fest that new it didn’t have to be good so long as it was fun. The guy would have made a killing back in the days of the drive in. “Horns” on the other hand is a different animal. The trailer seems to want you to care about Ig Perrish (Radcliffe) situation and the mystery surrounding the death of his girl friend. That’s a heavy topic for the guy who gave us “prehistoric fish eating porn stars”.
I’m hesitate to say that the film looks bad however, and that may be due to the source material. The movie is based off of a book by Joe Hill, creator and writer of one of my all time favorite comic sires (“Lock and Key”). Because of this i am willing to give his writing and story the benefit of the doubt and hope it holds up under the weight of what could be very poor direction.
And it’s nice to see, at long last, Daniel Radcliffe breaking away from Harry Potter. The only other film i’ve seen with him in it was “Lady in Black” and i couldn’t see past his role as the young wizard. And every time i saw a trailer with him in it i always thought “he look, this has Harry Potter in it” instead of “This has the same actor in it”. This could be a personal fault (the “Harry Potter” series meant a lot to me growing up), but it is still there. Or at least, it was. Here i actually saw Radcliffe playing another character, i saw him as something else. Maybe i’ve grown up (lets hope not) or maybe over a decade of acting has given Radcliffe some range.


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