Birdman International Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
In my last trailer review for this movie i said it looks like a cross between “Super” and “Sucker Punch”. It looked like a hyper violent superhero movie where those scenes were meant to be visual metaphors for the Main character doing battle with his own psyche. I’m still ind of hoping that that is somewhat close to the truth, but it does seem like i saw mistaken last time. But somewhere there seems to be a nugget of truth.
The film is about a washed up actor, famous for playing the iconic superhero “Birdman”, who is trying to get his personal and professional life back on track by doing a Broadway play. All the while he is haunted by his personal demons, who seem to take on the persona of “Birdman”. At least, that’s what i got out of this trailer.
The trailer itself has some rather funny moments, but not enough for a film marketing itself as a black comedy. I hope they show some more of the wonderfully dark humor in latter trailers, but this did do a good job of bringing back my interest in the film.


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