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Because of how i work as a game reviewer (i.e, i pick up cheap games at my local used game story instead of planing things in advance), i thought it would be fun to do some movie themed stuff for a while. So, starting in October i have a different theme for each month, and i thought i would share with you what you should be expecting from this blog in terms of movie reviews and such.

October- Horror Month
Yeah, it may be a bit of a cliche, but it’s a cliches we all love, no?

November- Scorsese Month
martin scorsese
The man has been making films for 4 decades now. So to honor his birthday this year, i’m going to take a look at one film per decade as see how it holds up.

December- Gift ideas
Helping you celebrate you’re religious gift giving holiday, on the cheap of course. Gift ideas for under $100 bucks a peace for the film/gaming/comic geek in your life!

January- Batman Vs Superman.
If Warner Bros can pit the two against each other, why can’t i? I’ll be taking a look at the live action outings and deciding who makes the better onscreen hero.

Febuary- Black History Month
Let’s face it, even now, nearly 150 years after slavery, and 46 years after the assassination of MLK, we still have a race issue in America. One of the ways this is being constantly proven is through the lack of representation in media. So, in Honor of Black History Month, i’ll keep the Spotlight on Black Directors to show just why we need more.

March: Tarantino Month.
I’ll be reviewing all of the 7 of Tarantino’s film in honor of his birthday this up coming March. The man is THE reason i love film, so this was all but inevitable.

And that’s it for now. It’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun, and you’re more that welcome to join me!


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