What i want in “Batman: Arkham Knight”


So, this bit of pre-order news found it’s way onto my facebook feed…
…and i thought this would be a good time to give you my two cents on what i want in the game.

#1) The BatFamily.
In “Arkham City” we meet Tim Drake, aka, the Third Robin. And as this pre order incentive tells us, the “Red Hood” does exist in this universe. So, i want to meet the rest of the family. Nightwing, Batwoman, even Red Robin, if this game takes place far enough into the future. And This also means i want at least 1 missions were Robin is with you.

#2) At least a mention of some other DC characters. Sure, keep the focus on Batman. This is DC we’re talking about, so that is a given. But at least name drop Superman or Green Arrow or The Flash or something. I love the shared universe in mainstream comics, so i’d like to see a bot of that in the game as well.

#3) Better Boss Fights. Remember the fight against Mr. Freeze? For those who don’t, go watch it on youtube, then come back. AWESEOM, RIGHT.  Yeah, i want more fights like that, more bosses who learn and adapt.

#4) NO MORE JOKER. Let him stay dead. Yes, as this is based on comics, it is 100% possible for The Joker to return, but i don’t want him too. I like what it meant to the story and what it did to Batman. This was probably the single most interesting bit of character development Batman has ever got, so don’t let it go to wast.

#5) NO MULTILAYER. No one wants it, no one asked for it and from what i remember, no one played it. Don’t take away time and resources from the main game to make another crappy multilayer mode.


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