Toxikk Debut Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:

Are you sick of today’s first person shooters? Are you sick of every shooter trying to be “Call of Duty”? Well, Reakktor Studio’s wants to take you back to 1999, when every FPS was trying to be “Unreal Tournament” or “Quake 3”. Sarcasm aside, i like what the developers are aiming for here, but the marketing does kind of bother me. Here’s the thing, i don’t mind  that they are making a retro styled throwback shooter, and i like the idea that their main hook is basically “remember when games were fun? we do, so here is some more of that!”. All that is well and dandy. But that tag line: “party like it’s 1999” does rub me the wrong way. Someone once said that those who are constantly looking towards the past seem to think that their best days are behind them. I don’t think gaming has reached that point yet. But ad campaigns like that seem to think other wise.

This’ll be an interesting game, that’s for sure. But i hope it doesn’t keep it’s sights so firmly on the games it wants to be that it forgets to be it’s own game.     


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