Left Behind Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Even in a world filled with remakes sequels and adaptation i never would have thought that someone would think giving “Left Behind” an other go would be a good idea. The 16 book franchise was all ready made into a movie back in 2000/2001, witch managed to get two sequels. None of them were very good, and yes, i know that from experience. They were preachy judeo/christen shlock that aren’t even good as judeo/christen shlock. In fact, to sun up just how bad these were, they weren’t even released to theaters at first. Copy were given to churches and then put in theaters. That way, even if(when) the films bombed, the film makers could at least fake like they did well.
But between 2005 (when the last film was released) and now, one thing happened that might make this worth giving a second look too: Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Whitewashing contravention aside, it was a really good fantasy/action movie that used the bible as a backdrop. Could it be possible that this film is looking to do the same? Part of me thinks so, due to some of the set peaces shown in the trailer. But then the camera pans over overtly christen imagery connecting it with those who were “taken” and i cant help but feel the movie is going to go all in on the preachy christian myth making like the first set of films.
What do you think? Could an action packed christen end of the world thriller get you into theaters? Even one that had professional crazy person Nicolas Cage as the lead? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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