The Book of Life Trailer #2 and Impressions

My Thoughts:
My first question is: why does a movie clearly made to appeal to Mexican styles and sensibilities have two hip-hop references in the trailer? Is rap big in Mexico? I honestly don’t know, so i am a bit confused. With that possible creative misstep out of the way, I’m kind of liking what the creative team is doing here. A family orientated animated movie dealing explicitly with the traditions, customs and superstitions of another culture is an awesome idea. Multiculturalism seems to be something of a staple in Guillermo Del Toro’s more resent work.Look at “Pacific Rim”. It was an American movie very obviously inspired by Japanese Anime who’s team of hero’s was made up of international bad-asses. This may not be working the exact same angle but i think you can see why Del Toro would be interested. All in all, yeah, i’m pumped. Absolutely looking forward to this one.


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