Beyond The Light Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
The music industry is knowing for doing some shady crap. The Pop Music Industry is simply evil. Now, I’m a Metalhead. The music i like is made primarily for a niche audience. Because of this, i and many others feel that feel like there is more creativity and artistic honesty to the music when you know the person making the music isn’t trying to play to the sensibilities of everyone. That’s part of why i don’t like pop music. The pop industry is made to play to everyone so you can never really say anything. Because of that, the people behind pop music don’t look for people with talent, they look for people who are marketable, read: sexy. That’s why the modern pop landscape if filled with pretty people who can’t sing and don’t even write their own music. But what about the few times that simply isn’t true? What happens when a a very attractive and talented woman comes on to the pop scene and half of her skills are ignored? What happens when you can express your self through the way you always have and love doing? I don’t know, as i said i don’t care for pop music, so i don’t pay attention to the pop stars. But if this movie is anything to go on, it seems devastating.
As i said in my trailer review for “Whiplash”, i like movies like this. And while this may not be as dark as that or 2010’s “Black Swan”, it is still playing on the themes of pushing your self and what happens when you push your self in the wrong ways or too far, so i’m interested, but less so that i am for “WhipLash”.
What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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