Camp X-Ray Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Hey look, some one let Kristen Stewart be in a movie post-Twilight. That was nice of them. Almost more surprisingly, it seems that her specific “skill set” (i.e. a Keanu Reeves like unfeeling cyborg style of acting) actually seems somewhat appropriate. Honestly, i think at this point everyone knows Stewart isn’t an awful actress, but she is still far away from being good. I also think that most of the stigma around her comes from he role in the Twilight films, and this could be her chance to get from under the shadow of that monstrosity. So yeah, i’ll see this at one point. Everyone deserves a second chance, so let’s see if Stewart can rise above her past.


2 responses to “Camp X-Ray Trailer and Impressions

  1. What a moron. Kristen Stewart has been acting since she was 9. Do just a little research if you’re going to take the time to make a blog reviewing movies. Kristen has 7 movies lined up. If they hadn’t “let” Kristen in this movie, it wouldn’t have gotten made. She’s “far from good?” Really? How does somebody “far from good” win a Best Actress Award from the Milan International Film Festival? How did she get nominated for a BAFTA and win a Young Artist Award? How does she get chosen as the Best Supporting Performance by the 40 critics at Cannes this year? How does that happen when somebody is “far from good.” The bottom line is, that YOU’RE far from good at reviewing anything.


    • First off: so what she’s been acting since she was 9? Nearly every bad actor working today has been working for a long time now. Magan Fox has been working consistently since 2001, Adam Sandler has been working from 1987 and Nicolas Cage has been working since ’81. And you know what, all three of them are still getting work too. The Fact is, acting isn’t something you just get good at as you go.
      Every time I see Stewart in a movie it feels like she thinks she’s playing the same character. That is bad acting 101. However, as I said in the trailer review, she does, in fact, look well cast here and I do look forward to seeing the movie. Because, like I already said, she may be far from good, but it could be possible too many people (my self included) could be looking to hard at the fact that she was in twilight and thus not giving her a far chance. As far as her awards go…We live in a world were “The Artist” and “The English Patient” won best picture. That in and of itself makes award meaningless to me. Honestly, to me talking about who won an award for acting as proof of their ability s only slightly less annoying that when people use sells numbers to do so.
      But you want to know what the kicker of this whole thing is? You want to know what’s really sad? You care so much about my opinion that you actually allowed your self to get mad over it an become a rude asshole in the process. You think Kristen Stewart cares what I think? Hell no. I could tell her to her face that I think she’s a bad actress and she’ll laugh all the way to the bank. And do you think I care about your opinion of me or my reviews? No, I don’t. The only thing that even comes close to bothering me about all this is that I had to re write this three times because I accidentally closed the wrong tab. You like her? Good for you. Go, watch, enjoy. Nothing I can ever say will could really stop you could it? So, congrats on being a rude asshole over something only you will ever care about.
      And if you’d like to continue a civil conversation, feel free.


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