Two Night Stand Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
The first time i watched this trailer i thought it was really funny. The second time i just didn’t care. Sure, you could say that that’s because i already knew the jokes, but my apathy went deeper than that. It was almost like the trailer was as unwelcome to me as Analeigh Tipton is at Miles Teller’s house in the trailer. And i really want to like this. I think a part of that is due to Teller’s character being so unlikeable here that i can see the comedic value of the situation. But the idea that Tipton would sleep with him to begin with, then not only agree to do so again but suggest it just doesn’t work for me. However, with this and, unfortunately, “Fifty Shades of Gray”, we are seeing a trend that i could like if we can find someone to do it right: movies were women are comfortable with their own sexuality and experimenting with it. It is nice to see movies where the woman isn’t treated like a “slut” for enjoying herself sexually. But so far, this trend seems to be fallowing the same trajectory as the resent stream of female centric Young Adult films: keep giving people crap because they are so starved for content they’ll eat anything. In both realms i really hope someone steps up to the plate who actually want’s to do this right, because movie going audiences deserve better and women deserve a hell of a lot better.


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