Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Does anyone remember “Star Wars: 1313”? It was an M-Rated Star Wars game that got canceled when Disney bought Lucasarts. Well, some one thought that it would be a good idea to make an M rated “Lord of the Rings”. I don’t know if that a good idea or not. With “Lord of the Rings” being PG-13 and having mass appeal, and “The Hobbit” being more family orientated, this could lower sells to an unacceptable degree. But, the M rating can also allow the creative team to go into a more interesting direction. They can go more in depth with the idea of loss, or really show how evil these three new antagonist are. Really, the big question here is why even bother with the “Lord of the Rings” name at all, and not just start up a new franchise? Well, however this turns out, i’ll be keeping an eye on the project.


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