Bloodborne 6 Minutes of Game Play and Impressions

My Thoughts:
When i saw the last trailer for Bloodborne i said it looked like “Devil May Cry” but less fun. After seeing the game in motion however, it’s clear that that was never the case. It’s more akin to “Dark Souls” That may be because it is being made by “From Software”, the same people who brought us all three games in the “Souls” series. And that previous work shows here. Maybe even too much. Outside of the Victorian London setting, this may as well be “Dark Souls 3”. And it that is what they were aiming for, why bother starting a new franchise at all?
In the end, the game doesn’t look too bad now that i know what to expect. I do wish there was a little more to separate it from Dark Souls, but there are far worse games you could try and rip off. And even as a “Dark Souls Clone”, it still looks better than “Lords of the Fallen”.


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