A Poor Man Rambles: The Inevitable Post about Sexism and Racism in the Geek Community

I’m going to say something that is most likely not going to surprise you: I have some issues with Anita Sarkeesian’s “Feminist Frequency” videos. Now i’m going to say something that very well might surprise you: I still have a lot of respect for Miss. Sarkeesian and what she was trying to do. While I can’t say I support her, she has made some good points and I hope she encourages other women in geek community to feel more open about expressing the issues they see and problems they face. But why would they when they know they might receive so many death threats they might be forced to flee their homes out of fear for their safety? For those of you who haven’t heard, that is exactly what happened after Miss. Sarkeesian uploaded her latest video. A woman who’s only goal was to say “hey, could we be a little less sexist in the gaming community” got so many death threats she had to leave her home. But that’s not even the worst part of about the situation.
The worst part is that this isn’t abnormal behavior.
Log onto Xbox live and you are sure to hear a flood of misogyny, racism and homophobia. Check a message board about Sam Wilson (a fictional character) becoming Captain America (another fictional character), and you will read comment after comment about how a black man can’t or shouldn’t hold that title. I still see post from people who are up set that Michael B. Jordan is going to be Johnny Story/The Human Torch in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot. Before his casting no one seemed to care about the film (at least from what I saw). Before his casting, no one thought the movie was going to be any good and so want worth talking about. But then a black man got one of the leading roles and it’s suddenly a huge deal to a shocking number of people.
Guy’s, this shit isn’t okay. Sending death threats to people isn’t okay. Acting like having a black cast member in a superhero movie is the worst thing to ever happen isn’t okay. Being a sexist dick bag to a woman simply asking “can you stop acting like a sexist dick bag” isn’t okay. Even if you’re not trying to be sexist or racist or whatever, this mindset is simply stupid from the onset. Nothing has ever been made worse by being more open or more inclusive.
Ask yourself honestly: would “with great power comes great responsibility” be any less meaningful if it was said by a black man? Would the quest to get the one ring to Mt. Doom be any less awesome if Frodo was gay? Would Link be any less of a hero if he was a woman? No. And would we be any lesser if we played a game or watched a movie or read a comic with more black characters or more women? No. Are we lesser by along others to join in on our fun? Hell no.
To bring this back around to what I was saying before: like her or not, Miss. Sarkeesian did not deserve the hate she has been met with. Nor does anyone else in the world of Geek who has been meet with sexism, racism or homophobia. People deserve better than this. Even if you want nothing to do with comics, movies or games with a lead who was a woman or person of color, why shouldn’t they be allowed to have it? Even if you have no issues with rape as a plot devise why is it unthinkable to ask for a lest some alternatives? The fact is, there are no good reasons. And there are no good reasons for the hateful ways the geek community has responded to those speaking up for better representation.


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