A Poor Man Rambles: On The Topic of Jennifer Lawrence’s Nudes

A girl I went to high school with was walking home one day, listening to her Ipod. A man driving behind her had a hart attack behind the wheel and hit her; she died instantly. But that was here fault, right? She took the risk of walking out side. She was the one next to the road. She should have known something like that could happen, right? That seems to be the way most people on the internet think, especially when it comes to actresses who have nudes leaked online.
The fact is this is simply pathetic. It’s not just wrong, it’s not just disgusting, it is strait up pathetic. From what i’ve read about 12% of all websites on the internet are porn websites. That is over 4 million web pages dedicated to porn. And yet some one just couldn’t help themselves had stole Jennifer Lawrence privet pictures because her boobs were showing. Now, i’m not going to stand on some moral high ground and say I don’t understand the appeal. Jennifer Lawrence is very beautiful and I get wanting to see her nude. But this is an invasion of privacy that borders on Sexual Assault. This is a woman’s right to her sexuality being stolen from her.
The hardest part about this is for me to understand is that the fact that someone literally stole these images is being ignored in favor of calling Miss. Lawrence a “slut” for having taken the pictures. Men all over the world are now jerking off to these picks, then looking at them post-cum and saying “what a whore”. You got what you wanted at her expense and yet you are still “punish” her for it. How does this make sense? Forget this being a sexist mindset, this is pure “throw-common-sense-out-the-window” stupidity. And yet, even with that stupidity being clear to me and many others, a vast majority of people still do not get it.
Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the first person this has happened too, and I doubt she’ll be the last. And the fact is, I have no idea what it would take to get it to stop. I have no words of wisdom here, no deep inside truth, no way to make those who don’t understand why this is wrong see the light. What I do have is a conscience. I guess I just wish more people did as well.


One response to “A Poor Man Rambles: On The Topic of Jennifer Lawrence’s Nudes

  1. I certainly agree with you about the “blame the victim” mindset. There might be other ways the celebs left themselves unknowingly open to attack however, like not encrypting their material properly, using easy-to-guess passwords, and not having proper firewalls on their wi-fi routers. Also, the “cloud” isn’t a safe place to back up sensitive material. You can delete pictures from your phone, and they will still exist in the cloud. That’s bait for any hacker.


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