Resident Evil Next Gen Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
What does it say about a franchise that has 6 games in it’s main cannon, as well as innumerable spin-offs, when the first game has been re-released twice? Does it say that that game is the definitive version of the franchise? Or does it say that after that game the entire series when to shit and capcom has completely run out of ideas? I’ll let you decide the answer to that. But alas, here it is, Resident Evil Next Gen, The second re-release for this game (the first one being for the Gamecude back in 2002). Personally, with how much people hated R.E. 6, i’d say it’s just time for Capcom too either ax the series all together, or just do a “back to basics” reboot. And lets face it, if they do either it will be the reboot, because the games industry will never stop making crappy games if they know they will sell.


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