Dragon Quest Heros Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Let me ask you a question: Has “Dynasty Warriors” suddenly become massively popular? I knew the game had it’s fans, but for the most part i thought the gaming community didn’t care much for the franchise. I always thought the “Dynasty Warriors Gundom” games were more of a niches thing, but now two well known and well respective franchises (“The Legend of Zelda” and “Dragon Quest”) are getting their own “Dynasty Warriors” treatment. SO, did i miss something? I mean, what’s next? “Call of Mario”? “X-Plane: Star Fox”? “Portal Cart Racing”?
Jokes aside, while i don’t get this resent rise of “Dynasty Warriors” style games, but i can’t say i mind it. It’s an interesting twist on these games. And lets face it, the modern day game industry could use a little more “new and interesting”. So, what do you think? Dose this look like something you’d be into? Why or why not? leave a comment below and let me know.


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