ABC’s of Death 2 Red Band Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
The firsts “ABC’s of Death” was a not quite good horror movie that at least managed to be fun in a “this is hard to watch” kind of way. This sequel just look silly. Fun silly, but still silly. So i might give this a look at some point, but this isn’t the kind of thing i’d bother to see in theaters. And i think they filmmakers know that a more privet experience will be the better experience, so this is actually being released on demand before it’s released in theaters. So now my main interest is: will this become a widespread practice and thus give smaller movie a better chance of making money? There are a lot of movies i want to see, but few i want to see in theaters. And as movies make most of there money opening weekend, this means that even a really good movie can loss a lot at the box office. So, can this be the answer?


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