A Poor Man Rambles: Thank You’s

Today, after 8 months of running this page, i’ve reached 1000 views and 80 followers. Now, I know that that isn’t some kind of record and I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but I thought i’d give you guys a nice big “Thank You” for your support. So, here it is: THANK YOU!!! To the 80 people fallowing me, I hope you stick around an enjoy the content I bring you, or that you are open to discussion when you don;t enjoy. I’m always open to a conversation (so long as it is semi-respectful). And to those just passing by: The same goes for you as well. I hope you enjoy the post you look at and please feel free to drop a comment anytime. So, yeah, this is a small post, but I really wanted to thank all of you. It may seem silly to most of you, but this is one of those small victory’s for me that keep me going, and right about now I needed one of those. So again, and from the bottom of my heart, Than You.


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