St. Vincent Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
For what it’s worth this did have some funny moments. While his character isn’t on the same level as Jordan Belfort from “The Wolf of Wallstreet” Bill Murray’s “St. Vincent” is a welcome addition to the vault of hilariously disgusting protagonist. I kind of wish the rest of the cast was doing as well. The kid actor is…well…a kid actor and i never put too much faith in them. I haven’t seen enough from Michael McCarthy to gauge her ability as an actor, but from what i’ve seen she tends to stick to the same shtick, and this does look to be something of a break from that, and it’s always nice to see actors going out of their compete zones. All in all, i’ll wait for this to hit netflix. It doesn’t look awful, but ti doesn’t excite me too much either.


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