Inner Demons Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Are you suffering from addiction? No you’re not! You’re possessed by a demon! You don’t need help, you need an exorcism. A lot of people i know are recovering addicts, so this did kind of rub me the wrong way. But i am the kind of person who believes that any subject matter can be made into a good movie regardless of genre. So i can’t complain about drug addiction being the set up to a horror movie too much.
What i can complain about is it being used to make this movie. Not only does it look like a modern “Reefer Madness” but it’s also another god damn found footage movie!!! Why has this trend not died out yet? What compels people to watch these when they are almost all crap? I just don’t understand this. In the end, nothing about this make me want to see it.


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