Christian Mingle The Movie Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
I try to leave my personal religious and political views out of post where they aren’t warranted, so i wasn’t going to post this but just…LOOK AT IT. The fact that this exists at all is to funny to not comment on. This is a feature length, 1 million dollar ad for for Christian Wow.
Now, i’m not a Christian, so movies that end with the protagonist finding god and being happy by the end are not my thing. At all. In fact, with most of those movies i just hate the fact that they exist. Mostly because they mostly all come from a place of whiny bullshit complaining about how Christians are “oppressed” because schools have to say “happy holidays” instead of “marry Christmas” now a days. And that mentality just pisses me the hell off. That doesn’t seem to be the set up here though, so i have much less bile to spit on the film. But is it just me, or does it seem like the main actress thought she was in an actual commercial in the beginning of the trailer? The acting does get better after that, but not by much. The “our love for the lord” joke was pretty funny though.
I’ll be skipping this, but if this is your thing…why?


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