Extraterrestrial Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
One of the things that made movies like “Independence Day”, “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars” important was that they each gave movies that were, at the time, low budget movies few took seriously and gave them both the budget and scope no one had ever really seen before. And audiences loved them. So, here we are, doing the exact same thing but with alien abductions. Just little gray men with big heads coming to earth and picking up people with a tractor beam. And while it may not look quite as good or revolutionary as the movies mentioned before, this does look really good. It has its flaws for sure (that “this isn’t an airplane line is pretty bad) but they are flaws i think i could overlook with how much fun the movie looks. So yeah, i’m looking forward to this. How about you? Leave a comment blow and tell me what you think about the trailer.


One response to “Extraterrestrial Trailer and Impressions

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