Walt Before Mickey Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
There are certain things you have to try very hard to make me not care about. There are certain topics i love so much that i’ll take a look at nearly anything that has to do with them. And while i may not be the biggest Disney fan, just knowing the how much he and his company helped push animation, a movie about Walt Disney is in that camp. And boy oh boy did the filmmakers do everything in their power to bore the hell out of me. Ever actor in this trailer is so obviously phoning in their performances it’s impossible to care about anyone. That big “look how hard they had it” scenes near the end is literally the single most underwhelming thing I’ve ever watched. And when the mouse was eating on his desk at the end, that should have moved me at least a little. Instead, the only emotion i got from the trailer was frustration and joy that it ended. This is literally the worst trailer I’ve ever seen.


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