Final Fantasy XV TGS Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Even though the game wasn’t very good, the one thing you had to say in “Final Fantasy 13″s favor was that it looked phenomenal upon release. Well, Square Enix has done it again: FF14 looks to be the best looking game i’ve ever seen. Adding to the how good the game looks is how much game play is shown in this trailer. For the most part this trailer works in making me want to play the game. But there is one thing that bothers me. All the driving, and the section in the caves. Both of these sections of the trailer reminds me of the long and linear corridors of FF13. Square knows that that game was not well received. So much so that they changed the title of this game from “Final Fantasy versus 13” to “Final Fantasy 15”. So why recreate the most hated part of one of your most hated games? Could it be that this is only a 2 minute trailer of a 40-60 hour game and they were just trying to show off how good it looks? Maybe. But that was enough to worry me. In the end i’m going to choose to hope for the best and not continue to look forward to this one, but i really hope they show more footage soon that doesn’t remind me so much of “FF13”.


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