Focus Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
I have a love hate relationship with Will Smith as an actor. He’s not bad, and i do find him likeable, but in nearly every one of his earlier films i felt like he was just playing the “fresh prince” again to some degree. Then he did “The Pursuit of Happyness” and i saw some real range from him and i was excited. How did he fallow that up? With “7 pounds” and it felt way too much like the same preference to me. Again, i never felt he was a bad actor, but it was becoming clear to me that he wasn’t exactly a “well rounded” actor. Well, now he’s back with “Focus” and it would seem like he is trying once again to show me that he can act with the best. And so far he has me convinced.
The movie itself also looks pretty good. It has an interesting set up and i would like to see more. i do have one concern though. This could too easily become more about the relationship between the two leads and not about the heist and that just wouldn’t work for me. This has a great set up for a crime movie. I don’t want to see that ruined by some shoehorned romance.


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