The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
Marvel announced that they would air this trailer after next weeks episode of “Agents Of Shield”. Many fans, including myself, couldn’t wait. Well, it turns out that some fans took that expression a little too far and leaked the trailer online. Marvel responded in what is probably the best way they could have: they made it official and simply released the trailer ahead of schedule. Thank you Marvel, and thank you what ever brave soul leaked the footage to begin with.
So, what do i like about the trailer? Simply put: everything. I know, that is the laziest answer imaginable, but it’s true. I love the costuming, i love the music, i love the how Ultron looks. I love the fight between Iron Man and the Hulk. I love the way Quick Silvers powers look in motion, i love the part were Natasha drops out of the jet on a bike. Just…God…This looks really good. I’ve watched this trailer several times already and each time i fall in love with it all over again.
With 10 movies already under their belts it’s only a matter of time before Marvel makes it’s first big stumble, but after seeing this i’m pretty sure this will be another win for them.
What do you think? Are you excited for “Age of Ultron”? What was you’re favorite part of the trailer? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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