Horror Month Review: A Serbian Film

WARNING: Due to the extreme nature of this film and it’s content it is impossible to talk about it without talking about things some readers may views as disturbing and possibly triggering. While none of my review or the images that will go accompany it are meant to incite this reaction, I will be talking about the film extensively. Read at your own risk.

Director: Srdjan Spasojevic
Screenplay By: Aleksandar Radivojevic, Srdjan Spasojevic
Release Date: May 13, 2011
Run Time: 110 minutes
Rating: NC-17

I am a strong believer that an artist doesn’t own you anything. Part of what this means is that no artist is responsible for creating content you or I personally find agreeable. So long as no crimes are committed on screen, it is the artist right to make the film they envisioned. Because I hold this view, I tend to be anti-censorship as well. It’s not the job of an artist to make content that you think is appropriate for your children. It’s always been my opinion that if someone doesn’t think a game or movie is right for their children, that person should be responsible for making sure their children doesn’t get a hold of it.
“A Serbian Film” tries its hardest to make me question those views. Some of what happens in this film, and thus some of what I have to talk about, are things I never thought i’d have to deal with when I started this. So, final warning: get out now or read at your own risk.

One of the only useable pictures of Srdjan Todorovic as Miloš

One of the only useable pictures of Srdjan Todorovic as Miloš

The film is about a man named Miloš, an ex-pornstar looking to spend his time with his wife and son. However, porn doesn’t offer the best retirement package, and he finds himself and his family are running out of money. That all changes when Lejla, a former co-star of Miloš, tells him that someone is looking for him to play a part in a new film. Miloš meets with the man and learns that he is willing to pay so much money that Miloš and his family will never have to worry about cash again. The director, Vukmir, doesn’t want Miloš to know anything about what they are shooting. After taking some time to think, Miloš agrees and then things start to get…weird.
The first scene they film takes place in an abandoned orphanage. Miloš is filmed by two police officers in bullet proof vests. As he wonders the halls Miloš comes across a young girl. She is pulled
away from by an nurse. Miloš wonders around some more and ends up finding that same girl being fought over between two other women. And, that’s it. Miloš just wonders around and nothing really happens. But from watching this scene you know this isn’t just a porno.
The next scene they film begins with Miloš standing in a darkened room with a woman beaten and degraded. She then crawls over to Miloš and begins to give him a blow job. The porn star in Miloš comes out and he starts to get into it; he grabs her hair and starts to thrust himself into her mouth. But then he sees the girl from the first day sitting and watching. Miloš objects, but one of the police/camera men grabs him from behind. The nameless woman then begins to bit Miloš’ penis. The police officer then instructs Miloš to beat the woman further.
Now, if you’ve ever watched porn in your life, i’m sure you know that there is a lot of messed up stuff out there. And if you know anything about the porn industry, you know that it can also be rather brutal as well. But when it comes to scenes like this, are planed out and acted (or so I hope…). But what happens here shows that the film Vukmir is making isn’t a porn. But the true extent to what he’s planing won’t be revealed just yet.

The Gill Miloš sees as he records his first sex scene.

The Gill Miloš sees as he records his first sex scene.

Miloš goes to Vukmir the next day to tell him he’s out. Miloš says he wants nothing to do with the film if children are involved (as any decent human being would) and tries to leave. Vukmir asks him to stay, so that he may show Miloš the kinds of films he makes. This next bit will either bother you greatly, or you are a sick human being and I suggest you seek help.
Vukmir plays a tape were a man helps a woman give birth, and then the man rapes the new born child (off screen). Vukmir calls the peace “Newborn Porn”.
As you could probably guess, this doesn’t not go over well with Miloš. Or the viewer. And I wish that I could say that that is the worst thing this movie has to offer.
Miloš leaves, but Vukmir drugged him with out his knowledge. Miloš wakes up a few days latter, covered in blood and his wife and family missing. He goes on the hunt to learn what happened with them through a series of flashbacks. At this point the film turns into one long series of rapes.
I said this one was going to be hard to endure.
The drug Vukmir gives Miloš makes him uncontrollably horny but nearly unable to think strait. He is lead to a room were a woman is handcuffed to a bed, unable to move, and is told to go to work on her. He does, and soon after he is told to start hitting her. The scene ends with him taking a machete to cut off the woman’s head, yet continues to have sex with the corps until he’s finished.
He is then lead to another room were two people are covered up and he is ordered to rape the both of them. He does, and latter we learn that the two people were his wife and son.
Yeah, it’s that kind of movie.
The film ends with Vukmir and is crew dead, but Miloš and his family is so devastated they might as well be too. So, Miloš and his wife cuddle to together with their son, and they end end their lives together. But a man like Vukmir is never truly gone. His death just leaves a vacuum that someone is always going to feel. The film ends with another film crew filming the three, dead in their beds. The new director looks to the new star and tells him to “start with the little one”.

Did you think i was joking?

Did you think i was joking?

I had no idea what this was when I started watching it. I could never have imagined just what was in store for me as I watched this. Like I said, I believe the director s within his rights to make the film, as no one was actually raped on set, but I really can’t think of a good reason to watch this. Even for a Halloween movie. But, if you are looking to be disturbed this October, here you go, enjoy.
I’ve heard a few theory’s about this movie. Some say it’s an anti-porn statement, the director said it was some kind of statement about the state if modern Serbia and political correctness, but I don’t know about any of that. All I know is that if I had know in advanced what this was, I wouldn’t have watched it, and this is the only movie to date were I can say that. It is terrifying in its existence, but a competently made movie that will make you uncomfortable should you choose to view it. The only other work director Srdjan Spasojevic has done is a segmant on “The ABC’s of Death” (“R is for Remove”), and from what i’ve seen of that, it is also a hard to watch, but not quite this disgusting, horror movie made up of collections of smaller, bit sized storys. So if this is your thing…seek help…but then go check that out.


With next Friday being Halloween, there wont be another Horror Month Review, but i hope you enjoyed and found something to your liking. Have a great week and a Happy Halloween.


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