Fear for the Future of Comic Book Movies: DC


Hey Kids, do you remember the 90’s? That golden age that nearly killed comics? Remember “The Death of Superman” and “The Dark Knight Returns”, those relics that no one really looks back on fondly? Well Warner Bros and DC sure do…they just forgot that the decade sucked.

Literally every movie Warner Bros/DC has made after “The Dark Knight” annoys me to some degree. They’ve either been really bad (“Green Lantern”) Boring (“The Dark Knight Rises”) or completely missed the point of the character (“Man of Steel”). The fact is, Warner Bros/DC does not care about making these movies any good. They have proved that over and over and over again. But what sucks the most is that they have done a few things I should be happy about…but I just can’t.

The main issue I have is with “Batman vs Superman”. Literally every decision they’ve made has been a call back the “The Dark Knight Returns” and I hated that book. I’m glad it exist as it was an interesting take on the characters, but in the end this is an era and an aesthetic we should be trying to move away from. But The heads at Warner Bros/DC clearly still think the 90’s were the greatest thing to happen to comics ever.

Then there is the whole “No Jokes” policy they talked about. This is them basically saying their movies are going to be super serious. Now, i’m okay with dark, but all dark all the time makes it lose it’s potency. If your characters can laugh and cry and be happy, then the darkness just feels cheap. This is why movies like “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Iron Man 3” worked so well. There was as much happy-go-luck moments as there was dark ones. This gives the characters something to lose, so that darkness feels real.

And then there is the casting. This is the one place DC seems to have a leg up on Marvel as a lost of their cast is made of non-white men. Great, right? It would be if it didn’t feel like they are doing this so they don’t have to make a good movie. Honestly, the casting seems to be DC trying to say “either you love this movie or you’re racist.” but when you look at the other stuff, the overwhelming darkness, the callbacks to an awful time in comics….there’s nothing else to get excited for. Now, there is only one character in either Marvel or DC I feel has to be a Straight White Man, so i’m cool with the racbending
here, but look at who they chose.


Jason Momoa as Aquaman:

Momoa killed it as Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones”. But once he was asked to do basically the same thing in “Conan the Barbarian”…well….he wasn’t any good. The movie was awful. Caan he be a good actor…yes. But everything he’s done outside of “Game of Thrones” really hasn;t shown this.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman:

Gal Gadot is a model turned actress. This transition has almost never worked out well. But lets look at her acting work: She has been in several “Fast and Furious” movies, witch have been fun at the best of times but none of these movies have ever been good. Then she was in “Knight and Day”. “What was that”, I hear some one ask in the background. Exactly.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg:

This will be his first movie. His IMDb page has one short film listed before he was cast as Cyborg. Take from that what you will.

I want this to do well. I really, really do. But Warner Bros/DC is giving me nothing to get excited about. Is it possible that this will blow away all my expectations and be the single best superhero movie ever? Maybe. I don’t think it will be, but at the very least I want the movie to be good. But at the end of the day, all I see is a company who is apathetic towards there own character, only making these movies because it’s the trend to do so.


2 responses to “Fear for the Future of Comic Book Movies: DC

    • True, and i should have stated that. But it is one of the things that lead into the uberdark comics of 90’s. I probably should have worded that better though and would have if i took time to edit these post. Thank you for the correction.


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