Chappie Trailer and Impressions

I really like Neill Blomkamp’s other two films (District 9 and Elysium) and have been eagerly awaiting his next film. And boy am i glad it’s here. While i have been loving all the superhero movies as of late, it has to be said that it is somewhat said that the sci-fi genre, witch was once known for big ideas, has had few entry with any real substance lately. Sure, a few of the marvel movies have had a bit of 9/11 subtext, but that’s not really the same. For me, that’s what makes Blomkamp’s films worth watch: there fun, sure, but they are also about something. The metaphors might be a bit on the nose, but i don’t have an issue with that.
So, do i think i know exactly where this film is going? Yep. Humans with out humanity….mans cruelty to man…these are all things we’ve seen before. Will i go see it any ways? Hell yes. As with Blomkamp’s other films, the journey is what will make this worth the watch.


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