Jim Sterling of the Jimquisition Needs your help

A while back i made a post about how the guys at Extra Credits needed your help in order to bring their content to you. I did this because i feel they offer a perspective that i found not only agreeable, but overall beneficial to the gaming world landscape. Well, i’m doing this again. I’ve been fallowing Jim Sterling’s show “The Jimquisition” for a while now, and it was part of what made “The Escapist” my go too gaming website. Now after three years he has left the site in order to create better content. And i absolutely believe that this man is worth you’re time and money. If i didn’t think he offered something worth listening too i wouldn’t bring this to you’re attention. So please, check out the links below and if you can, please help support one of the most consumer conscious and honest video game commenters around.

His Patron Page Here
His New Website Here
And for those who have never seen his show, you can find them Here

Again, i wouldn’t bring this too you if i didn’t believe it was worth you’re time, so please, help if you can or share with whoever might. Thank you for your time.


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